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Kids Du 2020: Cancelled due to the pandemic

We had a great day of racing in 2019 with terrific weather and enthusiastic participants and parents. Thanks to our great sponsors for making this event possible.We are back in 2021  scheduled for June 13. We hope to see you there!

KidS Du is for kids aged 3 to 13.

This is a non-competitive challenge event with the focus on participation, not winning. It is a way for kids to try a multisport event in a safe environment while challenging themselves to complete the event with the support of their friends and family. We will do all we can to make this a healthy, fun activity for all who participate and encourage our children to embrace a healthy active lifestyle throughout their life.


Age groups

All age categories are based on the child’s age as of December 31 of this year. The athlete’s age on race day is not used for age group assignment.  As an example, all athletes turning 8 in 2020, whether their birthday is in January or December, will be placed in the 8-9 age.  If you feel your child is not ready to be in the age category based on this criteria please contact us prior to registering.

Sample Distance Chart for all Age Groups

Age Group Run Bike


on bike

3-5 up to 150 m up to 700 m 0  150 m
6-7 250 m  1.2 km  1  250 m
8-9 500 m  2.4 km 2  500 m
10-11 1.0 km    4.8 km 4  1.0 km
12-13  1.5 km  6.0 km 5  1.5 km

 All distances are approximate.

Race Details and Rules for Safety

RuN, BiKE, RuN….

Athletes start off with a run, transition to the bike and then head off on the run course for a second time. All that’s required are shorts a Tshirt, a bike in good working order, a properly fitting helmet and running shoes [a hat is a good idea if it is sunny and hot].  

We have listed the most commonly asked questions and answers on the FAQ PAGE.  Please read through the list of questions prior to the race. Athletes and parents are also encouraged to have a practice session prior to their race. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions


Marshalling AreaIMG 4020

All participants will be directed by signs and loud speaker to go to the marshalling area which will be located near the transition area. The kids will be marshalled into groups based on age. They will be directed to go to the start line. Parents of younger kids [3-5 years] are to be with their child during this process.


Run 1

All participants will be sent to the start line in age appropriate groups. Parents of children in the 3-5 age category are asked to jog beside but not assist their child during the first run. Follow the directions of the volunteers to make sure you go in the right direction. All athletes must wear a shirt and have their race number pinned on the front. All athletes must wear closed toed running shoes during the run portions of the race. Please encourage your child to run at a sensible speed so they can complete the entire race.

IMG 3836Transition Area

Athletes enter the transition area, after their first run and once again after the bike portion of the race. This is the area where they get their bike and helmet for the bike ride. Athletes then drop off their bike and helmet after the bike ride before going out on the final run. 

Athletes in the 3 -5 age group will have a separate transition area. One parent will assist their child in transition for this age group [you may help them clip their helmet but you must not push them on their bike].  For age group 6 – 7 and older parents are not permitted in the transition area during the race.  Volunteers will be guiding and assisting in transition.

Athletes will place (rack) their bikes, helmet on the designated rack, with their gear placed under their bike. Bike racks will be marked with AGE GROUP signs which are the same colour as the race bib.

Volunteers will assist all athletes with everything from buckling their helmet to unracking bikes and of course, offering tons of encouragement.

The athlete walks or runs his/her bike and heads to the exit of transition towards the Bike exit. The bike cannot be mounted until the athlete passes the “ON MY BIKE” sign. Bike helmets must be worn with chin strap buckled at all times while the athlete is in contact with the bike.

No riding bikes in the transition area. Athletes will be directed to the ON MY BIKE sign, located outside the transition area.  Volunteers will assist with a safe ‘bike start’.


All athletes must have a well maintained, safe bicycle or tricycle and must wear a properly fitted helmet with a working chin strap. Bike inspection is not mandatory, but it is recommended.  Training wheels are permitted at any age.  Glider/Balance Bikes are permitted in the 3-5 age group only. Helmets must be buckled before taking the bike from the rack. 

kd 76 16



NO SHIRT=NO RACE Torsos (chest and stomach) must be covered during the bike and run (female and male).

All athletes must follow the directions given by race volunteers wearing Safety vests. Failure to follow the directions of the race officials, the use of profanity (athletes and parents) and putting the safety of other athletes at risk will not be tolerated.

Please make sure your athlete(s) understand the bike looping process.  Show them where you will be standing to count their loops.

After they have completed the bike portion, athletes will dismount their bikes at the OFF MY BIKE sign and head to the ‘Drop Transition’.  They will HAND their bike and helmet to a volunteer and head off on the run course.

There will be one water station on the run course.  Older age groups will pass the water station several times at some venues.  Most run courses are laps of a field where the older age groups will complete several laps before finishing. The loop/lap distance chart will help parents count loops on the bike course and laps on the run course. Parents play an important role in the race!

Lap and Loop Counting

Be sure your child knows how many LOOPS of the Bike course they are required to complete.  It is the responsibility of the athlete and their parents to keep track of completed loops. 

Age Group Distance # loops for bike
3-5 700 m out and back
6-7 1.2 km 1 loop
8-9 2.4 km 2 loops
10-11 4.8 km 4 loops
12-13 6.0km 5 loops

Call out the loop number to your child … “one more to go”. Make a sign!  Be sure your athlete knows where you will be standing to count loops.

We will take this opportunity to remind participants and parents that this is a non-competitive event series and we are not disqualifying, holding back or adjusting times for any participant who does not complete their required distance.  Results are posted in alphabetical order and not in finishing order.

Run 2

Once their bike and helmet are “racked”, the athletes move out of transition for the second run. This may not be in the same direction as run 1 because they will be heading toward the finish line chute so follow the volunteer’s directions.


Make sure it fits your child properly.  The helmet should feel snug and not slide around with movement.  The straps should form a V-shape around each ear and the chin strap must fasten securely.  No more than 1 finger should fit between the strap and your child’s chin [throat]. Helmets that are not fitted properly are less likely to protect your child from injury. Visit your local bike shop if you are unsure of the proper fit for your child.

Bike Inspection

We recommend that you take bikes in for a pre-race bike inspection the week before the race. Inspections at a bike shop will include checks of brakes, steering, wheels, inflation pressure, tire condition, chain, and pedals. Although bike inspection is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended.

As per Triathlon Ontario the following restrictions and guidelines apply at this event: Torsos MUST be covered for the entire race. This rule is for both girls and boys. Sleeveless shirts are permitted. Clipless pedals are permitted at any age, with the following conditions: for ages 13 and under, the cleat must be recessed into the cycling shoe, such that the sole of the shoe, not the cleat, makes full contact with the ground. The athlete must be able to clip into both sides of the pedal. ⋅Cage pedals are NOT permitted at any age.

Thank you for joining us. We want to wish you and your kid[s] a safe and fun multisport event. Please cheer for all participants!

Course maps:   3-5 yr olds;  6-9 yr olds;   10-13 yr olds;


Parking for the event:  Parking


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