KidS Du Basic Rules

Competition rules:
1] All competitors will wear a shirt with their bib number pinned on the front.
2] All competitors will wear closed toe running shoes.
3] All competitors will race in their own age group unless approved by race officials.
4] No attempt will be made to impede the progress of any other competitor. Competitors or their support crew found to be impeding another competitor’s progress will be given a 30 second time penalty.
5] All competitors will obey the directions of race officials and volunteers. Participants will be disqualified from the race for any use of profanity, disrespect of volunteers or officials from the participant or their parent.
6] All competitors in the 3-5 age groups must have a parent to help the athlete [ie. Buckling a helmet or tying shoes] and encourage their child to finish. No parent/guardian will assist their child’s forward progress in any physical [pushing, dragging, carrying] way. Parents/guardians of competitors in the 3-5 age groups are expected to be within an arm’s length of their child at all times during the race. [yes, parents, you will need to be in good shape or have a substitute assist and please wear running shoes]. Any parent of a child with a learning or physical disability can assist their child regardless of the child’s age with consent of race officials.
7] Competitors not completing the correct number of loops on the bike or run course will be disqualified [your child will not receive a time for the race].
8] Once the races start, no parent/guardian is allowed in the transition zone except those with disabled athletes or athletes in the 3-5 age group.
9] All competitors will assemble in the marshalling area 15 minutes prior to their wave start to allow an orderly race start and to allow for last minute instructions.
10] Competitors are allowed to stop or walk at any time during the race but please move off to the side of the race route in order to avoid collisions. During the bike section of the race competitors must stay in contact with their bike if they are moving forward toward the bike finish.
11] All competitors must wear an approved and certified bike helmet whenever in contact with their bike. The bike helmet must be done up prior to taking the bike off the rack. The helmet is removed after the bike is re-racked at the end of the bike section.
12] Competitors must pass the “bike on” sign before mounting their bike.
13] Competitors must dismount their bike before the “bike off” sign.
14] Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are strongly recommended for all [parents and children].
15] Please be safe on the course. Do not cut people off on the bike route.
16] This is a participation event. Support all competitors. Have fun!!!!

1] All competitors will register for the event under their own name.
2] You cannot pass the entry to a friend if you cannot attend the race. If an emergency occurs we must be able to communicate with your child by name and announce the same over the PA system.
3] The event will run rain or shine. Due to the time and resources required to ensure your child has a fun and safe day we are unable to offer a rain date.
4] Late entries may not receive the race T-shirt or grab bag because supplies are limited. The deadline is May 28, 2020.
5] Late entries made on Saturday June 13, 2020 are cash only.
6] Due to our commitment to Operation Sharing - Coats for Kids we are unable to offer refunds for this event.

The date of the 2020 event will be Sunday June 14 at Southside Park in Woodstock.

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