Pyrenees Trip 2019 – August 24

The Woodstock Triathlon Club has an exciting opportunity to ride the Pyrenees. I’ve been in touch with the owners at Pyrenees Multisport and they have availability between Aug 24 and the end of the month. The trip is self-guided with all route information provided. Below is a breakdown of the bedrooms. Since most of the people showing interest are couples [singles are welcome], I was given this layout.

Room 1 – 2 x Single or 1 Double

Room 2- 2 x Single or 1 Double & bunkbed

Room 3 – 2 x Single or 1 Double       2 home

Room 4 -1 Double & 2 x Single

Room 5 – 2 x Single or 1 Double

Room 6 – 3 x Single or 1 Double & 1 Single

Room 7 -1 Double

They can fit up to 16 people comfortably or 7 couples.

Bike Rentals and Inventory: 

12 rental bikes of 2 x 51, 3 x 53, 3 x 55, 3 x 57 and 1 x 59 

Other training opportunities in the area (other than their endless pool) are:

In August, the 50 m pool at St Gaudens is open and also the lakes nearby will be lovely and warm.  So there are plenty of options for swimming, either to train or just to chill out in.  There are also a couple of marked up run routes (6.5km and 10km).

Self-Guided cost with accommodation including breakfast and dinner:

Self-guided is €70 per night per person ($100) which includes breakfast and 3 course evening meal with wine.  It also includes Routes Cards and GPS files.

Bike rental is €30 per day ($43).  21 ski village

Therefore for a 5 night 4 day trip would cost 470 E or $675 CAD (AT CURRENT CONVERSION RATES), per person including bike rental and excluding flights, car rentals and lunches. Return transfers are 120 E ($172) per group of 4 or you can rent a car. Lunches will be on route at small cafes and bistros along the ride recommended by Pyrenees Multisport. There are different routes available based on your level of fitness and you may choose not to ride each day. As a group, we can decide routes based on speed and the size of mountain you want to ride. People who don’t want to ride the steep mountains will have options for easier routes. Once you are committed to going, I will forward a note about what to bring and what Pyrenees Multisport requires of you.

If you are interested in this trip, I will require a $300 per person deposit by December 1, 2017 (post-dated cheques or lump sum) with the remainder [$375 pp] paid before Aug 1, 2018. This money will be 100% refundable until August 1, 2018. After that time I will have to forward a cheque to Pyrenees Multisport to secure the booking. There will be no refunds of deposited money after Aug 1, 2018. 

*** If your spouse does not ride or if you prefer to bring your own bike then you can subtract 30E x 4 = 120E or $171.00  (current conversion rate) from the total. Note that there are fantastic sightseeing opportunities for those who don’t ride and quaint villages to explore. Reservations are on a first come first served basis.

You will be responsible for your own flight booking although I’m sure we can discuss those plans.

 20 view from top22 col daspin awaits