KidS Du - June 9th 2024

This fun challenge run-bike-run event is held annually on the Sunday before Father’s Day. It is held in Southside Park in Woodstock [with all roads closed] to keep everyone safe. This event is for children aged 3-13.

Online registration begins on February 11th and ends June 5th 2024.

Register by March 30th 2024 to get the best pricing.

Registration fees:

Regular (after March 30, 2024)

Aged 3-5 (Individual): $22.00
Aged 3-5 (Family 3+): $20.00
Aged 6-13 (Individual): $32.00
Aged 6-13 (Family 3+): $28.00

Early-bird (by March 30, 2024)

Aged 3-5 (Individual): $20.00
Aged 3-5 (Family 3+): $18.00
Aged 6-13 (Individual): $29.00
Aged 6-13 (Family 3+): $25.00

** Register by May 22, 2024 for, name on race bib and appropriate sized T-shirt.

The run is 1 loop of the age appropriate course except for the oldest group who will run 2 loops each time. The bike course is out and back for the 3 to 5 yr olds and loops for all other ages [in parenthesis after distance].


1. A participant's age is based on their age as of December 31 of this year. For example: If your child turns 8 sometime this year they enter as an 8 year old. Even if they turn 8 on December 31.

2. All competitors will register for the event under their own name.

3. You cannot pass the entry to a friend if you cannot attend the race. There are no refunds.

4. The event will run rain or shine. Delays may occur in a thunderstorm. There are no refunds for any reason.

5. Late entries may not receive the correct sized T-shirt or have their name printed on bib.

6. Online entries end June 5th 2024. Any entries past June 5th, is a last minute entry.

7. Last minute entries will be cash only. No entries will be accepted past 5pm the day before the race.



All competitors will wear a shirt with their bib number pinned on the front.


 All competitors will wear closed toed running shoes.


All competitors will race in their own age group unless approved by race officials.


All competitors will obey the directions of race officials and volunteers.


Competitors not completing the correct number of loops on the bike course will be disqualified.


Once the races start, no parent/guardian is allowed in the transition zone except those with athletes in the 3-5 age group.


No attempt will be made to impede the progress of any other competitor. Competitors or their support crew found to be impeding another competitor’s progress on purpose will be disqualified from the race.


All competitors in the 3-5 age group must have a parent to help the athlete [eg. Buckling a helmet or tying shoes] and encourage their child to finish. No parent/guardian will assist their child’s forward progress in any physical [pushing, dragging, carrying] way. Parents/guardians of competitors in the 3-5 age group are expected to be within an arm’s length of their child at all times during the race. [yes parents, you will need to be in good shape or have a substitute assist]. If an older sibling is assisting, please do not wear your race Tshirt while supporting your brother/sister [it confuses our timekeepers].


All competitors will assemble in the marshalling area 15 minutes prior to their wave start to allow an orderly race start and to allow for last minute instructions.


Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are strongly recommended for all [parents and children].


Competitors must dismount their bike before the “bike off” sign.


Competitors must pass the “bike on” sign before mounting their bike.


Please be safe on the course. Do not cut people off on the bike route.


This is a participation event. Support all competitors. Have fun!!!!


All competitors must wear an approved and certified bike helmet whenever in contact with their bike. The bike helmet must be done up prior to taking the bike off the rack. The helmet is removed after the bike is re-racked at the end of the bike section.


Competitors are allowed to stop or walk at any time during the race but please move off to the side of the race route in order to avoid collisions. During the bike section of the race competitors must stay in contact with their bike if they are moving forward toward the bike finish.

No. If someone else races under your name and is injured, or causes an accident, that person will not be covered by any protection typically afforded to an athlete through the triathlon associations that sanction this event.

Sorry, we do not take wave requests. Please understand that we assign waves based on the number of participants and it would not be possible to accommodate every request to change a wave assignment due to another commitment. Please ensure your child has no other commitments during the Kids Du.

We create the waves based on a random sort and wave assignments cannot be changed. Sorry, we do not take wave requests.

We will not cancel the event unless really severe weather occurs. Weather is an uncontrollable factor every effort will be made to proceed with a safe event. It is possible that the event may be delayed in the case of heavy rain or thunderstorms. KiDs Du is an outdoor, rain or shine event.

The race goes on rain or shine. In the case of lightening the race will be delayed or stopped immediately if in progress. The race will not resume until 30 minutes after the last incidence of lightening. There are NO rain dates, NO refunds or transfers if a race is modified or cancelled due to weather.

Waves are the groups in which athletes are placed based on their age. Each athlete is assigned a wave # and they are called into the marshalling area by this wave number. There are usually 8-12 athletes per wave.

Yes, we require that a parent be within steps of their child during the bike and run for safety reasons.

If you are an older sibling helping out, please do not wear your racing T-shirt, since it causes confusion for our timers.

No, it is strictly a children’s event for those in the age categories 6 years and older. Our volunteers are experienced and are there to assist all participants throughout the event. Participants in the 3 – 5 age group must have an adult accompany them throughout the event.

Parents are allowed in to help set up their child’s gear before the race. During the race, only parents of the 3-5 year olds may enter the transition zone and assist their child. Parents of older athletes [6+] cannot enter the transition zone or the course routes. Volunteers will be permitted in the transition zone to assist the athletes, especially the younger ones in need of assistance.

Torsos MUST be covered for the bike and run portion of the race. This rule is for both girls and boys. You will be asked to return to transition to put on a shirt. This rule will be fully enforced for this event.

It is the responsibility of parents and athletes to count the laps and loops. We will make suggestions at each venue as to the best place to stand so that you can call out how many loops your child needs to complete. Attend an orientation session with your athlete so everyone understands how bike looping works.

YES. No one will be allowed to bike without a helmet. Transition volunteers will make sure no athletes leave the transition zone without a helmet that is fastened!

Balance Bikes are permitted in the 3-5 age group only. Training wheels are permitted in any age group. Please contact us if you have questions about bikes and other equipment.

Safety is our highest priority. While parents need to understand that participating in a sporting event like a duathlon has, by its nature, elements of risk, as do all sports. You can help make your child’s experience the safest and most enjoyable by practicing before the race to improve their skills and increase their confidence.

If you are interested in volunteering for our event, please email us at

We appreciate your interest.

A few days after the event, parents will receive a link to all of the photos taken by our photographers.

Some of the photographs will be posted on our Facebook page and our website.

Last minute registrations may be permitted if there is sufficient time. We will accept late registrations in CASH ONLY on Saturday between 2 and 5 pm. We cannot guarantee your child will receive a race t shirt, finisher’s medal or grab bag [supplies will be limited] when registering late. We strongly advise signing up early to avoid disappointment.

Clipless pedals are permitted at any age, with the following conditions: For ages 13 and under, the cleat must be recessed into the cycling shoe, such that the sole of the shoe, not the cleat, makes full contact with the ground. The athlete must be able to clip into both sides of the pedal. We recommend just flat pedals for this event.

Once your child has finished their race you may collect their gear from the main transition zone under the direction of the volunteers in transition. Their job is to make sure it is safe for parents to collect from transition while the race is still going on. The race organizers are not responsible for lost gear.

Yes, the event is timed, and finishing times will be provided in an excel spreadsheet and sent by email. Each person’s finishing time will be posted in bib number order rather than finish time order.

We encourage and celebrate participation by all participants.

No aerobars will be allowed in this event.

Cage pedals are NOT permitted at any age.

No, however it is strongly recommended. Safety is a priority and you want to avoid disappointment if the bike cannot be used on race day.

Race kit pick up is scheduled for Saturday [the day before the event] in Southside Park near the shelter by the pond. We will be there from 2 to 4 pm.

We encourage you to orient yourself to the course and locate the best parking spots while you are there. NO PACKAGE PICKUP ON RACE DAY.

Packages can be picked up on the Friday before the event ONLY by contacting us at

The race course is well marked with traffic cones and numerous volunteers are strategically placed throughout the course to provide direction and support. The race format literally becomes a game of follow the leader! Also, we encourage athletes and parents to familiarize themselves with the course, specifically the bike and run exits, the turn-around points on the bike and run course and how transition works.

Our online registration has a deadline for personalized bibs. Please make sure your child is registered before this deadline. Late entries can have their name printed on their bib in magic marker.

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